A Soulful Night at NYU

A look into African Heritage Month`s Night of Soul event

By Kiara Ventura

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“We have too many criminals trapped in the system. We have lost little black boys and girls. Miseducated parents following the cycle of the domino effect…Too many black communities are in poverty but not one…I said not one is a comfortable place to lay in,” 22-year-old Devante Tate, also known as Poetically Acclaimed, spoke into the mic at NYU`s Night of Soul on February 5th.

 The Night of Soul was sponsored by African Heritage Month at NYU. Its committee planned events throughout  the whole month of February “to share and embrace the many facets of the African Diaspora, its history and culture.”

 While singers and spoken word poets were performing, two painters, Anthony and Monty, were creating multiple works of art on the stage. Some of these works were of a multi-colored lion, an abstract sunset, and a dark skin woman with an afro crying as a bomb blew up behind her.

 As each performer came up to the stage the host, who goes by the name Miss Bizzy Bahdee, read their background and their social media handles were projected onto the wall behind them. Whether it was through singing, rapping, or poetry, most of the performances spoke about fighting injustices towards black communities and/ or were simply appreciating urban culture.

 Miss Bizzy Bahdee said, “I just wanted to make sure the audience is here to listen to the art and that there is a positive atmosphere. That’s what I like about this event…is that it’s all positive and about expression.”  



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