rose emojiKiara Cristina Ventura is a Dominican American journalist and curator from the Bronx who aims to be a support for emerging artists especially those from underrepresented communities in the art world. Ventura graduated with a B.A. in Art History and Journalism at NYU in May 2018. In the past, she has worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cosmopolitan Magazine for Latinas, Art Forum, Grey Art Gallery, and the Brooklyn Museum. She is an art critic for Art Forum and Performa Magazine. As part of her practice, she covers stories about creatives through news pieces, video, and short docs. In July 2018, she began teaching art history classes about modern and contemporary artists of color to combat Euro-centric art history curriculums and make this information accessible to the general public. Under Artsy Window, her classes are held in a variety of spaces from living rooms to community to gallery spaces.

Most recently in August 2019, she started Teen Vogue’s first art column, Art School, highlighting the work of visual artists through intimate profiles about their experiences, career, and muses. Every month Ventura leads the discussion by centering artists of color and telling their stories through an informed gaze.

Ventura won the BAS Bronx Emerging Curators Open Call which resulted in an exhibition, FOR US. Ventura curated FOR US (March 31 – May 12, 2018), a reflection of loud unapologetic portraits by 8 young women of color. Artworks speak to the artists’ history, lineage, and pressures of daily lived experience. FOR US was reviewed in Art Forum’s Summer 2018 print issue.

Ventura created ArtsyWindow as an art blog in 2015 and has expanded it as an art platform that curates exhibitions and programs since. Her ultimate goal is to continue in creating inclusive spaces for artists whether that’d be virtually through articles, video content, or physically through carefully curating creative environments.


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For my last post of the #caatakeover I want to shout out and lift up young scholars and creatives of color that have inspired me in these dark times. First is @kiara_cristina, founder of @artsywindow. While an undergrad, Kiara was dismayed by the Eurocentrism of her art history courses, wondering how it is possible that an entire major and curriculum can exclude art histories of people of color. Upon graduation she took matters into her own hands and is currently an independent curator and teaches art history classes with emphasis on contemporary art by femmes of color, all of which are broadcast live from her IG feed. Next is @babelito, 1/2 of the fabulous duo who make up @latinoswholunch, a hilarious and informative podcast about the Latinx art world. On top of that, Babelito is a historian of colonial Latin American art, focusing on Franciscan imagery and indigenous resistance in colonial Mexico. Third is @gabgermana, PhD candidate at Florida State and curator who has organized amazing shows in the US and Peru on contemporary Latin American artists. Her dissertation focuses on contemporary indigenous artists from the Peruvian community of Sarhua (pictured next). And finally, I dedicate this #caatakeover in loving memory of Linda Rodriguez, who left this world far too soon. Linda was a scholar of colonial Cuba who examined intersections of art and race in the 18th century. She was founder of #digitalaponte, among many other projects. She was committed to making art history accessible to marginalized people and I hope we can continue the beautiful legacy she has left behind. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm in Latin American and Latinx art, and for taking the time to interact with the artworks and ideas here. #grateful #byebyefornow #caatakeover #latinamericanart #latinxart #latinxscholars #latinxexcellence #arthistory

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