Interview with Top NYC DJ VenusX

As part of my summer 2016 internship at the Brooklyn Museum, I choose to take on a personal project and interview a featured artist, VenusX. This article was posted on the museum`s Tumblr blog. Article by Kiara Ventura Posted on BK Museum Tumblr Jasmine Venus Soto says her job title is “VenusX,” that includes creatingContinue reading “Interview with Top NYC DJ VenusX”

A Soulful Night at NYU

A look into African Heritage Month`s Night of Soul event By Kiara Ventura   “We have too many criminals trapped in the system. We have lost little black boys and girls. Miseducated parents following the cycle of the domino effect…Too many black communities are in poverty but not one…I said not one is a comfortableContinue reading “A Soulful Night at NYU”