Taking place in The Bronx, “The Funeral” was a pop-up exhibition and art performance that took the form of a funerary wake. Curated alongside spoken word artist, Karina Vega a.k.a Writersblock, the event was inspired around her poetry book that unapologetically revealed personal thoughts on heartache, societal acceptance, fear, and the notion of death. The event as a whole served as her funeral in which she performed through out the whole night. Her motivation was to challenge the notion of death and to emphasize that she will always live through her art and writing. Taking the form of relational art (coined by historian Nicolas Bourriaud), all participants and visitors must wore all black. Featuring emerging visual artists and performers, that night was dedicated to pushing the public to see new perspectives on the notion of death, fear, and heartache. As always, I aimed to provide a platform of understanding and inspiration in efforts to push visitors to connect on a emotional or deep level.

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