Monica Hernandez scene 6 2013-2014 Oil on canvas 72″ x 96″

For Us

Curated by Kiara Ventura, winner of BAS inaugural Open Call | Emerging Bronx Voices

April 4 – May 12

Bronx Art Space

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 31st, 6pm

Featured Artists:

Jheyda McGarrell, Dana Davenport, Monica Hernandez, Caseena Karim, RAFiA Santana, Nicole Bello, Rocio Marie, and Solaris Sapiente

Art Forum Print Summer 2018 Review:

Curated by Kiara Ventura, the founder of Artsy Window, For Us aims to capture how the featured women artists of color are creating imagined worlds through aesthetic and fragments reflecting their reality. These realms are imagined not only to reflect themselves but are dedicated to other women of color in hopes of healing and empowering. The exhibition brings to question how can images help us drive our process of healing and imagine freedom. In this world driven by images, how can we utilize them and take agency over the images that represent us to manifest our future, create safe spaces on and offline, and heal in the process? As the featured mediums from sculpture to video to painting all unite, the gallery will essentially work as a safe space.

The artists collectively speak about a range of issues affecting them as women of color such as racism, mental health, beauty standards, inequality, and lack of representation.

They are participating in this collective conversation around representation and its effects on other women that relate to them. As they place their identity as one of the features in the forefront of their work, the artists widen the scope of the complex identities included within the community of women of color. From depicting critics of today’s society to displaying loud unapologetic images of self-love, together the imagined worlds push to empower through reclaiming representation.

However, these realms do not solely consists of carefree and purely content concepts and depictions.The artists deeply take into account their history, lineage, and/or the pressures of their daily lived experiences as women of color when reimagining these new realms built for their community, built for us.


Opening Reception

Saturday, March 31st, 6pm

For Us Panel Talk: Utilizing the Internet to Raise Your Voice as a Young Female Artist of Color

Thursday, April 5th, 7pm

The featured artists Monica Hernandez, Jheyda McGarrell, Rocio Marie, and Rafia Santana will talk about how they all utilized their online presence to speak about their personal experiences in relation to their art. This panel would also highlight how they are creating a virtual world for females of color through representation and bringing up pressing topics.

Spi(Cy-Fi)lms: Media “For Us”

April 13th, 6:30-9:30pm ($5 suggested donation)

Join us for film screenings and discussions by QTPOC/NYC native multimedia artists. After, there will be a discussion to chat with the artists and chill with one another.

This event is presented by “For Us” in collaboration with @CravemoreBK’s “Spi(Cy-Fi)lms” an collection of 4D works by QTPOC, that defy institutional standards of film/video/media that is accessible to our community. We invite any 4D artists/photographers who would like to be a part of this project, or this event to reach out to us @

$5 suggested donation, any donations for food would be greatly appreciated. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. This is a space meant for Queer and Trans People of Color, and anyone who fits under any of these intersections and is understanding of these identities and voices are welcome to attend. (Written by Caseena Karim of CravemoreBK)

ArtsyWindow Presents: Tour and Chill with the Curator (with Special Guests/Artists)

Wednesday, April 25, 6:30- 7:30pm

Wednesday, May 9th, 6:30- 7:30pm

Chill and talk with the Curator of For Us, and some of the featured artists while hanging out in the gallery installation. Tea, drinks, bites, and vibes provided by ArtsyWindow.

El Sistema Dance Workshop

April 18th, 6:30pm

El Sistema workshop is a movement research that engages the body and is open to all bodies. Using Afro-Latin rhythm, movement and music through contemporary dance form as a vessel. The research looks at how the moving body works through systems and how systems affect the moving body. Using effort, struggle and release in movement to find physical ways to engage the bodies as one and free them simultaneously. The workshop ends with a Paranda, a Latin movement celebration which engages the voice, and body as a communal celebration.

Spring Soiree

April 24

Odiosas BX Presents: Weirdo of Color Open Mic

Friday, April 20, 6 – 9pm

OdiosasBX, an intersectional Bronx Afro-Latina sisterhood, is presenting an open mic night to give alternative folx of colour a bullhorn to speak on their experiences, hang ups, fandoms and survival in a world that deems their interests as “white.”

Breathe: Circles for my Sistas

Saturday May 5, 5-8pm

Breathe: Circles for my Sistas, is a program that serves girls ages 14-18 in the Bronx area. Girls and young women have the opportunity to be involved in weekly circles where we have discussions about self care, self image, self love, and sisterhood. BREATHE means to be Balanced, Restored, Empowered, Affirmed, Transformed, Healed, and Embodied. We explore these topics through community building, writing/poetry, yoga/dance, art, etc.  It is a grassroots program that we fund and through community donations.

The event will include movement, discussion, experiential learning/ art on a topic around self love, healing and community building.

Closing Party

May 12, 7- 9:30pm

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