Females Creatives in the Art World Today

From the start of 2017, I have been a contributor of the Experience Magazine, an independent virtual magazine established by creatives from the Bronx that focuses on Black and Latinx artists. Please read my long form article below featured in the Spring 2017 female empowerment issue. To see more, visit theexperiencemag.com

The Wanderer Short Doc

As part of a NYU Madrid documentary class during Fall 2016, I`m happy to say that I made a wonderful documentary along with 2 other students. The film took place in a immigrant neighborhood in Madrid, called Lavapies. The neighborhood is going through the process of gentrification so once some saw designer set up hisContinue reading “The Wanderer Short Doc”

Interview with Top NYC DJ VenusX

As part of my summer 2016 internship at the Brooklyn Museum, I choose to take on a personal project and interview a featured artist, VenusX. This article was posted on the museum`s Tumblr blog. Article by Kiara Ventura Posted on BK Museum Tumblr Jasmine Venus Soto says her job title is “VenusX,” that includes creatingContinue reading “Interview with Top NYC DJ VenusX”

The Rise of the Bronx Art Scene

  Graffiti and hip hop set up the art scene in the Bronx during the 1980s. However, Bronx art expanded outside of graffiti through time. In the past 10 years, more and more art spaces and galleries popped up through out the borough. These spaces created environments for  Bronx communities and artist to  connect, unite,Continue reading “The Rise of the Bronx Art Scene”

The Body Positive Runway Show

Smart Glamour, a fashion brand that creates clothing for women of various heights and sizes, held a runway show on February 19th in the West Village area. Representing many ethnicity, body shapes, and sizes on the runway, Smart Glamour sets themselves a part from other brands in today`s fashion industry. For more info about SmartContinue reading “The Body Positive Runway Show”

A Soulful Night at NYU

A look into African Heritage Month`s Night of Soul event By Kiara Ventura   “We have too many criminals trapped in the system. We have lost little black boys and girls. Miseducated parents following the cycle of the domino effect…Too many black communities are in poverty but not one…I said not one is a comfortableContinue reading “A Soulful Night at NYU”